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Miyakobijin Shuzo Yoigokochi Yuzu Sake

Miyakobijin Shuzo Yoigokochi Yuzu Sake

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A Yamahai Junmai sake with whole Yuzu fruit juice added, it opens with heady aromatics and a dense palate of tart and sweet from the yuzu fruit, finishing with a hint of grainy rusticity from the Yamahai brewing method. At 7% ABV, it’s an easy sipper on its own, on the rocks, or with seltzer, but it also works well in cocktails.

As a Junmai sake, or pure rice sake, only rice, Yuzu, and a little sugar are used. Yamahai refers to an older-fashioned, slow brewing method where lactic acid is allowed to form naturally, as opposed to added in, in the meantime causing the sake to form layers of complex, earthy flavors and a light astringency.

Originally from central China and Tibet, yuzu is a citrus that was introduced to Japan during the Tang Dynasty rule (618-907) and nowadays is strongly associated with Japanese cuisine.

Pressed yuzu juice, sometimes referred to as yuzu vinegar, is highly acidic, aromatic and refreshing, and It contains three times more vitamin C than lemons.

Yuzushu is made by mixing yuzu juice, sake and sugar, but the drink in this bottle is different than most. Based on a prolonged experimentation in order to arrive at the perfect formula, Yoigokochi Yuzu is based on freshly pressed, completely unfiltered and additive-free yuzu juice, mixed with Miyakobijin’s top quality extra dry yamahai junmaishu (slow-brew pure sake), and relatively little sugar. The Yuzu juice content is very high and the proof of its being completely natural will come in the form of some oil and pulp remnants forming at the top of the bottle. Shake before pouring.

Miyakobijin Shuzō is located on Awajishima (Awaji Island), a place referred to in ancient Japanese texts as a land of abundance. Tōji (master brewer) Yamauchi Kunihiro excels in making sake that brings out ricey earthy tones, which give his sake great depth and complexity.

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