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Faccia Brutto, Fernet Pianta · 750mL

Faccia Brutto, Fernet Pianta · 750mL

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Our purpose is to create products that are a staple of bar shelves at home and in restaurants across the country. Our spirits revive old recipes for Amari, Aperitivi, and Digestivi.

The liquors are crafted by Patrick Miller, formerly of Rucola Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. Prior to opening Rucola, he worked for 14 years at restaurants around the world. He grew up in an Italian family in Los Angeles and was strongly influenced as a child by his Italian mother and grandparents for whom the Fernet (Pianta) and Amaro (Gorini) are named.

Spirit Note: Dark brown, herbal and minty on the nose. Dusty spices and herbaceous on the palate with enough sugar to balance the bitterness and to invite another sip. Aloe ferox, saffron, myrrh, and chamomile are the bases for this classic tonic, along with Chaga mushroom. Smooth and enjoyable after a meal or in the middle of the afternoon to ease into the evening.

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