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Terada Honke, Daigo No Shizuku Chiba Sake · 720mL

Terada Honke, Daigo No Shizuku Chiba Sake · 720mL

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The bodaimoto method is a precursor to modern-made sake, and originated in the Bodaisan Shoryakuji temple in Nara Prefecture in the 14th century, and indeed some bodaimoto sake still starts its life at this historic temple. Not to get too detailed, but the method basically goes like this: raw rice and steamed rice are mixed in a water bath, and left for a period of a few days. The water becomes imbued with lactic acid thanks to natural lactic acid bacteria, and after the rice is removed and steamed, that water is added to the steamed rice, the koji rice, as well as yeast to create the moto (fermentation starter). Lactic acid is very important in sake making, as it eradicates harmful bacteria and fungi, and creates the necessary pH for fermentation to go smoothly. This example by Terada Honke is made of table rice (Koshihikari, and Yukigesho) and only polished to 90%. A rough, rustic, and frankly very fun brew, it shows notes of sharp citrus, lemon, lime zest, corn husks, and toasted grain, balanced by a bit of sweetness. A very interesting, ancient style of sake. 
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